Our Bengal kittens are raised in our home and well socialized. They will have had their first vacination and deworm at their departure. They come with their TICA registration. All our kittens are sold as pet only. If you are interested in the AVAILABLE kittens on this page, please contact us to set up an appointment to meet  the babys and the and pick out the kitten that you like.  It is very difficult to capture the true beauty of  a Bengal on pictures. Most of our Bengals sell through deposit placement long before the kittens are ready to leave. Most rosetted Bengal kittens are born with spots that slowly opens up and becomes rosettes as they grow. Lighter rosettes usually opens faster than darker  ones. YOU CAN SEE PICTURES OF THIS DEVELOPEMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE  By viewing the parents or older sibblings  from a previous litter you can get a better idea  of what the kitten will look loke later when the rosettes opens up. All spotted and rosetted bengals are registered as  spotted tabbies with TICA . 
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LAST YEARS LITTER Ibiza and Vivaldi had a litter of  gold rosetted kittens.They are absolutely gorgeous with huge rosettes and amazing contrasts and beautiful eyes. Their show quality kittens are stunning with extra large rosettes
Ibiza, the mother, gorgeous girl with amazing emerald green eyes and gorgeous rosettes set in deep golden tones
Last updated Sept 30 2019
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If you like the look of a certain kitten or parent, you can place a $200 deposit to reserve any kitten out of the queen and and sire that you wish to purchase, born or un born.  First deposit placement get first pick. By viewing past sold kittens you will get a very good idea of their difference in appearance. Deposit is non refundable but can be applied towards a different kitten in a future litter. Kitten needs to be picked up when buyer is notified or  will be placed in another loving home and deposit forfeited or placed on a future kitten. At this time,  Vivaldi ,Monaco and Kissme sires all of our Bengal babies. Monaco  is a very large male, about 19 lb with large rosettes in very deep golden tones. He has a long body, nice tail, no rib bars and small beautiful ears. He has a phenominal disposision. He is extremely outgoing and loving, a real show off :) . Vivaldi is for certain the most gorgeous Bengal I have ever seen. He has huge rosettes and super clear markings. He is extremely loving and outgoing as well. His father is Black Jack at the top of this page.
We price our kittens based on the clearity and contrasts of their markings. Most rosetted Bengals are born with spots rather than rosettes. The rosettes then slowly opens up as they grow. Lighter rosettes usually opens up faster than the really dark ones. By looking at the parents you get a very good idea of how tha kittens will turn out to some degree. My rosetted babies are always priced significantly higher than my spotted little darlings. 
These kittens belongs to my very good friend and breeder Rosemaruy. Please contact us if you are interested in her babies. Black Jack is also the father of my gorgeous stud Vivaldi. Rosemarys kittens are  always spectacular!
Father: Absolutely amazing markings and bloodlines  "Black Jack"
Mother: Stunning "Kimora" gorgeous tone, rosettes and contrast.
Absolutely amazing   for 1800. SOLD His huge rosettes has already  opened up!
Stunning gold rosetted boy  SOLD to Liz for 1500
Beautiful gold rosetted boy SOLD  for 1500.
Vivaldi, the father is an absolutely stunning boy.  He has HUGE rosettes
 in deep golden colors with amazing contrasting.
The developenent of kitten from spots to rosettes
Below same kitten is feautured

  One week  old            Same kitten 12 weeks old
Beautiful boy #1 SOLD to Debbi. He has Inky black dramatic rosettes in light background
Gorgeous boy #2 SOLD  for 1800  This boy has huge  dark rosettes perfect and  contrast.
Amazing boy #3  SOLD Big open outlined rosettes, he is simply stunning!
Very pretty gold rosetted boy #4  SOLD.
Absolutely gorgeous gold rosetted girl  SOLD
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E-mail: guccibengals@yahoo.com
# 3 SOLD Cute rosetted  GIRL 
ALL our kittens are sold to loving pet homes with a spay/neuter contract no exceptions!
We DON'T under any circumstances stud out our boys!
We DON'T under any circumstances ship our kittens!
Kittens that have been reserved through deposit placement must be picked up when notified or else they will be placed in a different home. Deposit is non refundable but can be placed towards another future kitten in such case
 AVAILABLE Super pretty marble GIRL  for 575
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#8  AVAILABLE Gorgeous rosetted BOY  for 1200
#9 AVAILABE Very handsome BOY  for 1200
#2 AVAILABLE amazing  playful and sweet rosetted GIRL  for 975
#7 SOLD Very loving and snuggly GIRL  for 1200
AVAILABLE Super cute marble  BOY for 575 add text.
#1 AVAILABLE Gorgeous gold  rosetted GIRL for 12000
AAVAILABLE Handsome rosette boy for 1400
#4 AVAILABLE super gorgeous rosetted GIRL  for 1400
AVAILABLE #5 Gorgeous rosetted  BOY  for 1400
SOLD #6 Rare gorgeous Red rosetted BOY 
SOLD TO CHRIS AND CHRISTINA ELLIOT This absolutely stunning sibling pair can not be separated and will be sold as a pair only. These 6 month kittens, a boy and a girl, are some of the most gorgeous babies you will ever see. Huge rosettes in deep golden tones with amazing contrasts and big emerald green eyes. They are super loving and playful, they love to sleep together or with you. They were raised with young children and love to be around you at all time, they will fetch as well.