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Bengal cats are very intelligent, inquisitive and active beings. With them in your home there is never a dull moment. They love water and hights and you will often find them looking down at you from the highest ledge in your house. They are very doglike and even a small kitten will quickly learn to fetch and walk on a leash. Bengals are very social and active and rarely enjoy being alone. Most commonly they will enjoy a household with other cats, dogs or children. Most Bengals loves to be around you most of the time no matter what you may be doing. However, they do not like to be carried around.

It is extremely important that Bengal kittens are socialized early in life or else they may become wild and scared. Our kittens are raised in our home and handled and loved every day. They are part of our life and part of our family.

Monaco, our wonderful stud, exploring our car before our road trip. Bengals are very curious,  and inquisitive.